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Affidavit for My Friend Randy Lee Sills Murdered by the Enemy Within

My Affidavit for My Friend Randy Lee Sills – Murdered by The Hands of The Enemy Within

[Image: randy-sillsjpgrandy.jpg?w=1086]Comes now  Jessene Roe Beecroft  hereinafter  (affiant )  on this April 28th day of 2018 being of lawful age ,qualified and competent to testify and having firsthand knowledge of the following facts ,do hereby declare that the facts stated herein are true ,correct and not misleading :  ,                                                                                                                                                     1.    Affiant moved to the little oil field town of Aztec New Mexico sometime in 1983 or 1984.  Affiant  met Randy Lee Sills. Randy  was affiant’s  friend ,a true  gentleman and a working man that always found a way to put a smile on anyone’s face .                                                               Randy and affiant used to have a few beers together Randy  was friends with affiant’s Dad, both affiant’s  brothers,  sisters Randy  was family and loved by everyone that knew Randy .                                                                                                                                    2.One night 2003 Randy and affiant  were at Randy’s house  for dinner. Randy  said “Jessene I want you to do me a favor “,  looking   serious (Randy was never serious  was always joking. But tonight Randy was not. Randy  said    “Jessene I want you to do me a favor …. I want you to wear a sexy dress to my funeral ………and I want you to stand up and tell the people there what a crazy no good crazy fucker I was …….and then tell em something nice about me .I want you to tell Cindy that I loved her, tell her she was the one for me and tell her I’m sorry I was an asshole, but she was my one true love in life. And Jessene I want you to do this cause their gonna get me for this,” he held up his beer “cause I can’t …., cause  ….I ain’t gonna quit ….., and then ……they’re gonna kill me …..because of what my Dad knows. ( Affiant did not believe affiant’s  friend…                                                                                                                         3. Affiant  knew Randy’s  dad Harley Sills, Harley was affiant’s favorite customer at the local Safeway where affiant checked groceries. Harley did the shopping they lived a few blocks away. And every time affiant saw Harley, Harley  was telling affiant  about the corruption in The San Juan County 11th Judicial District Courts, Harley  would tell everyone that the courts  were not lawfully here and that the flag they flew had gold fringe on it and that meant the law of the sea. Affiant  did not get it then.   Harley said, “they have no bond the courts have no bond they are maritime admiralty courts they are putting people in jail for nothing and don’t have the right to do it. Tell everyone you know that everyone that has been in jail here should be let out and paid for damages no matter what they did they were there unlawfully .”  Gmail – Jessene                                                                                                                                                4.  Affiant  did not get it . and no one affiant told did either .                                                                    5. 1996 -1998 in this time affiant  had a friend that was facing prison time Ruben was down. Affiant came home from work one night to find Ruben in Ruben’s truck with a long black hose  reaching  from  tailpipe to the wing window ,Ruben wasn’t moving ,the truck was not running. Scared  was Ruben  going to swing if Ruben woke  ? …………. Affiant did wake up Ruben was alive.                                                            6. Excuse me !!!! But Ruben Reyes Romero   his daughter and everyone that  loved Ruben  and vice versa had to  go through this because some BITCH on a BENCH wants their NICE CARS AND HOMES AND ACT LIKE THEY ARE ROYALTY  BETTER THAN THE POOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN DRUGGED BY THE SAME PEOPLE THAT PUT THEM IN JAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                   7. Affiant  knows affiant  used to go with affiant’s  ex-boyfriend to pick up the drugs that Judge George Harrison’s private plane would drop in tires at Cutter Dam.                                                  8. Affiant  went to court with Ruben the next day, affiant had to hide Rubens cowboy boots so affiant  could sleep and not worry if Ruben took off. George Harrison was the District Judge ordering  the recorder off then “ if I don’t get a yes answer to the next question then you will go before a jury and they don’t like Mexican drug dealers with tattoos .”           9. Harrison  suspended the 18-month sentence and gave Ruben  9 and a half years for the 3 strikes your out bitch.                                                                                                          10.Ruben  is in a halfway house in Albq. New Mexico now after doing another 9 years  7. Ruben did it because Ruben did not want Ruben’s  sister to go to jail Melissa  had kids too and Ruben’s daughter was  3 or 4 then. Orvasena Robinson was Ruben’s  public pretender, Orvazena  saw the whole thing said: “I don’t know something is way bad wrong to take the plea something is way bad wrong .” Affiant will never forget what affiant  witnessed. That was affiant’s  first time in a courtroom.                                                                                        11.Affiant’s  friend Chelly made affiant  meet Winfred P Adams USAF major retired and tell Paul what happened. Affiant did, used to meet with Paul  regularly.Affiant did not know that Paul was Harley’s partner in fighting and exposing and educating the people about what they knew. Paul dedicated his life for our freedom and so did Harley.  [Image: 2018-04-28-14-45-53randy.jpg?w=1086]             12. 2004 Randy got a DWI was in jail. Randy had been in jail a couple days Harley came in Safeway  said “Jessene ….. I just got back from Carla Dials Chambers and I asked her to produce her Bond and she DID NOT PRODUCE IT!  ”    It was a day or two Randy was dead. That man affiant’s  friend Randy Lee Sills 6ft did not kill himself with a sheet hanging from a 3 ft doorknob  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13.If Randy  was going to do that Randy would have ,when they accused Randy  of murder, it was self-defense proved, and CARLA DIAL said at the court after Harley gave Dial  $100.000.00 bond “that’s the first time I ever let anyone out on bail for murder .” Randy was very depressed  had to kill  Calvin  while  helping out, letting Calvin stay at Randy’s house . Affiant  knows because affiant heard what Calvin said that night in affiant’s checkstand Calvin said “ I ought to kill him right now. “there were a lot more witnesses .                                                                                                            14. The cops gave Harley the tapes ,ya with nothing on them! Affiant seen them while Harley wrote a letter stating that if Harley was found in a bathtub from a drug overdose that Harley did not do it  that the Aztec Cops or San Juan County Sheriff’s did it .Harley told affiant that affiant better write one too  because affiant  gave a  letter to Paul to file in the District Court . No one that eye witnessed it would write a letter for Randy for fear from cops.Affiant’s friend Howard Hardman a year ago asked for Harley and told affiant  what Howard  saw ,Howard  was ready to write the letter. Affiant had to tell Howard that Harley was  no longer with us.                                                                                                       15. Jo lost her daughter Robin, her son Randy and now her grandson Josh Stevens so they could hurt Harley ,Harley said: “they know they can’t hurt me so they take my kids .”                                                                                                                                              The Truth Nothing but the truth so help me Yahweh, Jessene Roe Beecroft. Affiant  ask for Justice to be served by affiant’s friend Jo Sills, I love her sooo much. When affiant told Jo …” I remembered every word and that Jo  needed Justis ,Jo  said “ Randy and Harley are in Heaven saying “Get Em Jessene!”.     Please for Jo affiant  ask in the loving holy Name of Yahshua( Jesus ) kjsxiudw ihd ehxs , Jessene Roe Beecroft[img=203x0][/img][img=195x0][/img]james

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