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TRUSTEE NOTICE... setting the pubic record
COMES NOW, Mark Eugene Moffett – Trustee for MARK EUGENE MOFFETT, PMA, to publish public and  private information Trustee wants to place on the Public Record, to wit:

Whereas, said PMA is held in  trust under the name CORNERSTONE TRUST, previously published in the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST under Independent Holding Trust Number: RHS-20140924-47D5-4WR7-8DDG-104850764409, August 9, 2014, Publication #104850764409 as a REVOCABLE INTER-VIVOS TRUST under copyright MCN: CG62U-TPKPP-QXYEF on 2015-01-07 03:12:40 ; and, said Trust was under GRANT DEED dated September 24, 2014

Whereas, said PMA was established October 2, 2014 under Entity Certificate #454536710602 and published in REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST; and,

Whereas, the PMA also established and published a d/b/a corporation called DOUBLE M INVESTMENTS, Entity # 543213703090 on October 2, 2014; and,

Whereas, Trustee under declaration of Exile and Proclamation, File #RH-F8469175-45C8-4CFE-9F2A-DCF44521B312 expatriated from the United States and affirmed by oath Trustee’s nationality as American National within the United States of America, since November 8, 2013; and,

Whereas, on December 9, 2016, Trustee further pledged Trustee’s allegiance to the freedom, sovereignty, and independence of the National Government for The United States of America and its organic laws, ever since the Declaration of independence, as amended August 15, 2015, rejecting the pledge offered for a New Deal and a New World Order, its citizenship, residency, and assumed copyright upon Trustee’s estate and ID# set forth by self proclaimed prophets; and,

Whereas, Trustee in Trustee’s private capacity served/serves under oath as General Post Master, December 2, 2013 File #RH-8177291A-E9BE-4E74-810D-07C25D6C943G; Delegate, December 2, 2013 File #RH-244A2E19-EDB9-42DE-9E0E-ABD3E68E2D12; and Intenational Notary, Juy 14, 2014 File #RH-5B2976AC-AC53-0714-2014-7FE6F910447E, and also serves appointed offices as NOTARY PRESENTER and ALTERNATE JUDGE with GPMC; and,

Whereas, CORNERSTONE TRUST has joined REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY and Trustee under oath December 3, 2014 File #RH-20141203-F43H-7743-J9H9-5T5376FV87G2 served as MINISTER OF FINANCE (2014-2016); and,
Whereas, Trustee, under Grant Deed #RH-20160706-B685-4F10-8C20-685062760969 reaffirmed Trustee’s status as non-citizen under the foreign US Company, Trustee also by INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE of Declaration and Claim of Adverse Possession, dated July 6, 2016, claimed the EVMAR TRUST, a common law trust established on the 23rd day of June 1998 and recorded that same day in the Second Judicial District, COUNTY OF JONES, STATE OF MISSISSIPPI in Deed Book 1156 at Page 185-190, together with the real estate possessed under deed by said trust, described as:

Real Property situated in the Second Judicial District of Jones County, Mississippi described as:  Commencing at the NW Corner of the NW ½ of the SW ¼ of Section 29, Township 9 North, Range 13 West, Second District Jones County, Mississippi and run South 543 feet to the Point of Beginning, thence South 500 feet to a point in the center of a paved road, thence South 82˚ and 30 ̍ East along said road 255.2 feet, thence North 533.3 feet, thence West 253 feet  to the Point of Beginning.  Being a parcel of land in the NW¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 29, Township 9 North, Range 13 West, Second District Jones County, Mississippi and containing 3 acres more or less, together with all improvements thereon and appurtenances thereunto belonging... as recorded on December 6th, 1976 on Page 612-613 of Deed Book 457...

said property also being known as 345 COON JEFCOAT ROAD, SOSO, MS 39480, and corrected to 345 Coon Jefcoat Road, Soso, Missisippi, The United States of America, NAC: 850H2MR7C8, to have and to hold without restrictions. This declaration is hereby in possession of the owner of record, wherein that record being recorded in Book 1156, Page 191 on June 23, 1998, to remain in the possession of the heirs, successors, assigns forever.

Whereas, Trustee also holds the following documents issued by and under Trustee’s Government:
1-      Certificate of Live Tax Exempt, January 12, 2014 File #RH-BB44CFE8-8653-4536-8F1A-&C1DCCCCA4FB
2-     Nationality Certificate,  #454536710602
3-     SANS  #4-5453-6710-XXX
4-     North American Political Party members card RH-20131108-4BD8-4A27-8EA9-B9E75B54D988
5-     Human Rights Defender under Proclamation #HRDI-20150217-1FAC-4166-880F-CF62CFA62A64
6-     Passport through World Service Authority
7-     International Driver’s Permit  ID#233657222
8-     Human Rights compliant Driver’s License  RH-20160127-E08E-4D5B-AF69-685062760969
9-     National ID #454536710602

Whereas, Trustee has established Mailing Locations and International Addresses as follows:

RRt 1, Box 33
The United States of America
NAC: 850H2MR7C8

Mark Eugene Moffett
Notary Presenter
6068 Hwy 98 West, Suite 1-172
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Mark Eugene Moffett
Notary Presenter
RRt 1, Box #22
The United States of America
NAC: 850H2MR7C8
Mark Moffett
RRt 1, Box #33
The United States of America
NAC: 850H2MR7C8
NAC: 850H2 MR7C8
c/o: 345 Coon Jefcoat Road
Soso, Mississippi 39480
THEREFORE, the record for the TRUST, the Trustee, and the PMA  is established as foreign to the USA, aka the United States jurisdiction, operating in International Jurisdiction under the National (non-federa) Government for The United States of America, that being a sovereign nation with metes and bounds under the General Post Office and the Law of Nations.
AFFIRMED, this the Two Hundred Ninety Ninth day of the year of Yahweh 6018, translated as January 10, 2016.
//Mark Eugene Moffett – Trustee//

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