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Claim of the Body (Child)
I, Kerrie D’Ann Stone, Trustee for The Protector of The Children community, (hereinafter Trustee), claim the physical body (all hair, dna, blood, dental records, saliva,organs, and all living and non living tissue and cellular particles) of Trustee's daughter and private posterity, Freedom Grace Schaefer, according to all human rights (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights), The Law of Nations, and The Law of Armed Conflict. (Evidence of the Claim Forms are below).

Trustee reports Intangible property rights exist by and between Trustee and the Child, Freedom Grace Schaefer.

Additional Reports Include:
Scott David Schaefer, Omaha, Nebraska is denying a child the right to a Nationality, enslaving a child, and unlawfully detaining a child. Kelsy Valasek Bell of Omaha, Nebraska is aiding and abetting, daylighting as Scott David Schaefer's "secretary".......
Bobbie Nell Stone and Russell O'Dell Stone are in collusion to child enslavement, child trafficking, and human rights violations.
Bobbie Nell Stone wanted this added in the report. (She" hates her life and her job and being on her feet all day".)
Trustee reports that Bobbie Nell Stone's "excuse"/reason for collaborating with the unlawful detention and enslavement of a child is that Bobbie Nell Stone hates her job.
Trustee reports Bobbie Nell Stone claims ignorance for the other human rights violations.
Trustee reports that Bobbie Nell Stone admitted she has been having "thoughts of guilt" and has been "unable to sleep at night".
Trustee reports that Bobbie Nell Stone made no attempts on (6/5/2019) to provide any proof of life, whether the child reported on is alive or dead. Nor did Bobbie Nell Stone show any care or concern, except for her own guilt and complicit behaviour.

This violates The Law of Nations.
Trustee reports multiple human rights violations.
Trustee reports ongoing child abuse (mental, emotional, and sadistic/ritual).
Trustee reports hidden and clandestine degenerate behavior.
Trustee reports blacked out front windows in the home of Scott David Schaefer.
Trustee reports the usual suspects stopping by and lingering at the home of Scott David Schaefer wearing obscene and sexually explicit tshirts and clothing (Billy Bender to be exact and specific) excessive amounts of alcohol.... still and ongoing.
Trustee reports last seeing her child move and alive was thru a glass door on or about Mid March of 2019.
Trustee reports that Kelly Meyers was seen alone in a house with a child. Inappropriate and clandestine hidden behaviour.
When Trustee knocked on the door for a well child care check, Kelly Meyers responded "Hell NO! It ain't going down like this!. Fuck That!"
Trustee reports that Kimberely Meyers, wife of Kelly Meyers was not present in the home. Emma Meyers, the kid of Kelly Meyers was not present in the home either.
Trustee report Kelly Meyers for inappropriate behaviour with a minor teenage child and human rights violations to a child.
Trustee reports this is the last time Trustee has seen child in an attempt to even speak to the child or a "grown up" to make a report.
Trustee continues to report occult and sadistic behaviour.

This original report began in 5-18-2019 .
June 6, 2019 is the updated report.
Year and day of Yahweh coming soon.

Additional Report Links

Courtesy Notice:

This is an affidavit of fact. 


End of Publication

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