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The claimant is under a Bilateral Social Compact, with other identity proofs of Political changes and is therefore included to not be a subject to trafficking of the Person or any other monetary slaving concept or into foreign constraints of foreign Trust placed vacant of consideration and privity against Claimant and/or placeholding the offshore Person by trafficking as disclosed under Title 31 against the Claimant. The Person of Claimant is held to include in evidence constrained from other government within fiduciary holding and any stock or security claims are deemed a part of trafficking included arbitrarily with Title 31 foreign trust trafficking:

The Claimant is In Trust under The United States of America and the Government of the United States of America 1781 and/or The American National Union as Amended from The Perpetual Union authored from The Articles of Association in 1774 and cannot be
forced by Political Units and Religions into other Association(s) and not under other Political Unit Allegiance, thus damages will incur and/or with other remedies, and shown herein is not limited to this specific doctrine of Human Rights, no trespass is accepted and is subject to remedy when moved otherwise:

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.pdf   YDT AFFIDAVIT OF FACTS.pdf (Size: 30.92 KB / Downloads: 49)
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