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Minutes of the Meeting
.The United State of America                                                                                                             Address 70MHZ P5F12                                                                                                                                 State of New Mexico                                                                                                                                  Address659Q8 NQKZQ                                                                                                                          Judicial District # 32                                                                                                                             JESSENE ROE BEECROFT,PMA                                                                                                            Address WJL90 980FG                                                                                                                   Publication# 428685532347                                                                                                          JESSENE’S TRUST
Minutes of the Meeting
Date: 23rd day of May  2019
The property managed by the Trustee under the terms and conditions of JESSENE’S TRUST is as follows, and  Trustee  of JESSENE’S TRUST hereby convenes on this 64th day in the year of Yahweh sixty twenty-one (translated May 23rd, 2019)                                      JESSENE’S TRUST is now  convened,
The  Trustee of JESSENE’S TRUST  hereinafter the  “Trustee” therefore the trust is liable for any actions taken by the trustee. “ JESSENE’S TRUST  ” (hereinafter, the Trust) has the following authority; “The Trust has the authority to do this and anything it wants too .” As trustee of the trust and in that capacity, the trustee is “at arm’s length” of the trustee’s individual capacity also meaning “not personally liable” for any damage caused by the trust.
The Trustee  hereby creates  the  #1 holding Trust and the Trustee acknowledges JESSENE ROE BEECROFT, PMA in the JESSENE’S TRUST #1 holding trust .And the Trustee thereby transfers JESSENE ROE BEECROFT,PMA to the JESSENE’S TRUST #1 Holding Trust. Accepts and acknowledges the northwest registered                                           And the Trustee   hereby creates the Irrevocable Intervious  Special Needs Trust.                                                                                                                            

Article 1
The Trustee of JESSENE’S TRUST hereby moves property to the # 1 Holding Trust no assets were contributed by the beneficiary. The Trustee thereby  moves  the following property to the Spiecial Needs Trust Estate  ,                                                    Terms and Conditions                                                                     SSID payments,  American National Oath and Declaration of Independence , Trust Minuets
Automobile: 1999 Ford Ranger ,1979 Dodge Ram 50
House:  ,Lot241 253108 2.42 ACRES BK 794 PG 283, NAC;WJL90 980FG , Jewelry
Clothes: all personal clothes Other property: (fingerprints, DNA, SSN, Birth Certificate, etc.…) SSID payments ,
                                                    Trustee , Birth Certificate as evidence within the States of the Union .   JESSENE ROE BEECROFT ,PMA Schedule B    :    Registration of PMA.png (Size: 195.64 KB / Downloads: 0)                                
Firearm ; 9mm handgun
   Schedule C  : Websites:  JESSENE’,                 Schedule D  : Dogs Luna , Diamond and Chaqeeta ,medical records                                                                         BE IT RESOLVED : that the Trustee of the JESSENE’S TRUST hereby creates the # 1 Holding Trust and hereby accepts the Schedules A ,B,C,and D  . 1,2,3,4 ,5 format Holding Trust in the Trust style of Holding Trust shall be the JESSENE’S TRUST # 1 Holding Trust ,and                                                                                     BE IT RESOLVED :the Trustee hereby transfers schedule A to the # 1 Holding Trust  and hereby classifies Schedule A as a Storage Unit  for # 1 Holding Trust known as storage A ,and                                                     BE IT RESOLVED: that the Trust hereby leases the storage unit A  and shall be known as the Manager ,and                                                                                                                                                                                     BE IT RESOLVED :that the Manager of A hereby leases Storage Unit A  to the TRUST ,and                                 BE IT RESOLVED :that the Trustee accepts and acknowledges the lease agreement as proposed by the manager of Storage Unit A ,the lease shall be as follows Part A to Party B Motor Vehicle  Lease Agreement . Party A Lessor and Party B Leese manager Leese would be the TRUST Represented by the TRUST .Lessor is the Manager of storage Unit A Leese  .                                                                                          
And Whereas  the Lessor  Party agrees as follows Lessor obligations  ; grant the Leese unlimited possession of Storage Unit A . Quite Claim possession of it . The TRUST hereby creates a registry for A,B,C,D where in when presented in Minuets of the TRUST shall constitute registration .                                                                                                                                       BE IT RESOLVED : The JESSENE’S TRUST is hereby adjourned until a future date certain on this 63rd day in the year of Yahweh 6021 at 12:26 pm utc-7 .
Jessene Roe Beecroft -Trustee  -Trustee

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