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Posted by: Don Boxley - 09-12-2019, 10:13 PM - Forum: Public Notices - No Replies

9/11 INQUIRY - The MSM is silent on this Lawsuit

Link -

The 2001 Twin Tower Drill involved many local and federal agencies and were seen by many people the day before september 11th.

9/11 lawsuit  Fiona Havlish et al v. Usama Bin Laden et al -

By Dee McLachlan

It is September again — and the 11th is not far off.

For sixteen years the mainstream media (MSM) has perpetrated the official lie about the attacks on New York. In this article I explain in brief what I think happened — and then recount some information emailed to me last month.

I guess there were several things happening that September day. There was the “Pearl Harbour-like” attack on New York that was required to start an endless war on terror for a NWO agenda. Then, the accountants and details for black ops programs, and shadow government expenditures (in the trillions) were destroyed in the pentagon. The gold heist, insurance pay-outs, expiring bonds, WTC demolition, military spending, and war contracts were probably bonuses for the participating companies and players.

I assume the planes were switched — taking from Operation Northwoods — and then remotely controlled. Matt Campbell wrote an excellent article on Gumshoe explaining how the planes were probably remotely controlled by one team – as the transponders switched off and collisions happened in sequence.

I have always wondered about Flight 93? Was its destruction over Shanksville plan B?

Maybe 93’s destination was the White House. Just after the second plane hit the South Tower, Laura Bush was driven off to her scheduled destination at the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. Bush was going to appear before the Senate Committee to talk about early childhood education (while her husband was reading the Goat book elsewhere).

Laura Bush (and Sen. Edward Kennedy) went on CNN just after 9.41 am to announce the cancellation of the hearing. When a USA Today reporter asked if she had a message for the nation, Bush replied, “Parents need to reassure their children everywhere in our country that they’re safe.” She was never rushed off to a “secure” location.

Maybe Flight 93 was destined for Building 7. If so, they would have had to rewire the sequence of the detonation.

However, the official narrative is so illogical and thin, that it is a wonder the MSM have not invented a new story.

Recent Correspondence

I received several emails regarding 9-11 from someone with Intel connections last month. Much of this has been reported before, but we have new readers to Gumshoe — so have listed BELOW some details sent to me.

I have been told that the assassination of John F Kennedy was “controlled” by James Jesus Angleton. He was chief of CIA Counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975 — officially the Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence, ADDOCI. [I guess that much was learned by the assassination of JFK — and how the public reacted and were traumatized?]

9-11 was so much more complicated, and meticulous planning would have in process for a long time. One person was investigating Osama bin Laden, and maybe could have confirmed or refuted the stories put out by Paul Bremer et al.

John O’Neill, as we know, was killed that day. He was an FBI Special Agent in charge of Counter-Terrorism and was investigating the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, the 2000 USS Cole strike in Yemen, and Osama bin Laden. In 2001, he resigned from the FBI after he concluded that an Israeli Cruise Missile had struck The USS Cole, and became WTC head of security. He warned of a pending attack.

The Planes and Drills

The two WTC planes were swapped for drones. The real planes were later flown automatically East and shot down as practice by Navy. [No mention whether there were passengers in these planes.] The aircraft that struck the North Tower was guided to the offices of Marsh and McLennan.

A lot of people were involved — but this was confused by a military drill concerning a plane striking a highrise building in New York City, with another aimed at the White House. Allegedly, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, were only made aware of the drill, prior to the event.

Warnings and Arrests

Haaretz published on 26/9/2001, that Odigo, the Israeli messaging service, had sent out a warning two hours before the first tower was struck (South Tower).

Israeli company, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, vacated its North Tower offices a week before — breaking the lease, and on the 10th, a message originating from Goldman Sachs, Tokyo, advised staff to stay away from WTC the following day.

Michael Dick, of The Office of Intelligence at The DOJ, responsible for matters concerning National Security, Terrorism, and Counter-Intelligence, was stood down by Michael Chertoff prior to 9-11.

After 9-11, 140 Israelis were arrested for espionage on military bases, as well as, DEA, FBI, SS, ATF, US Customs, IRS, INS, EPA, Interior Dept., US Marshall’s Service, and US Attorneys’ Offices. The charges concerned — Electronic Surveillance, Intel Intercept, and having an Explosives Ordnance Unit operating in America. 60 of the detained were listed as employed by Amdocs — providing directory assistance, call recording, and billing services — for the 25 largest telephone companies in America. All of whom had fake identifications. The NYPD and The FBI held the detainees.

Chertoff advised that al-Qaeda was responsible for 9-11 and released all Israeli detainees. He was involved as prosecutor in the 26/2/1993 WTC North Tower bombing, and his business Chertoff Group employs ex-political figures as ‘consultants’ in security matters. His mother was a Mossad Operative.

The Explosives

It was discovered that some 10,000 sq.ft. of vacant floor space in Towers 1 & 2 had explosives stored. There was a residential compound of explosives specialists were at level 91 in one of the towers.

There were devices in WTC 1, 2, 5, and 7 — and were of different types. Two mini-nukes had been constructed in the elevator shafts of both towers, and Building 7 had been fitted for controlled demolition. Building 6 was hollowed out by a particularly planted array of detonations — and was not seen under the dust of the collapsing towers. Building 7 had been vacated earlier due to the sighting of dead bodies and fires in the building. (My source says that teams of shooters worked through certain floors of Towers 1 and 2 and Building 7. I wonder why?)

The explosives and incendiary devices were obviously remotely detonated — and there was an explosion in The North Tower basement. A vault there had held $1 billion in gold, but was moved before 9-11. There was a theft — but not as generally believed or reported. [I’ve always thought that the trucks arriving in the early hours of the morning Susan Lindauer had spoken about were to remove the gold — not bring in explosives.]

I have been told explosives were in a mobile generator at the Pentagon, parked to the right of the entrance to that wing, and pieces of debris were planted about the site and up to the side road area. [Not sure how that would have happened.]

Ground was broken for construction on the Pentagon in September 11, 1941, and a major subcontractor was the Saudi Bin Laden Group. As we know, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the target, which had been tasked with finding the missing trillions, was destroyed — along with all its secrets.

The Federal Reserve assumed Emergency Powers, and there was also the highly complex Project Hammer GHWB-CIA Financial Scam that had to be dealt with. Some $240 billion in fraudulent American 10 year Treasury Bonds maturing on the 12th of September had to be electronically cleared and deleted. Allegedly, information that may have exposed the Black Eagle Trust, was also destroyed.


I have been told that Dove Zakheim was controlling the events of day.

[Wikipedia says Zakheim served in various Department of Defense posts during the Reagan administration, including Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Planning and Resources from 1985 to 1987. From 1987–2001, Zakheim was CEO of SPC International, a subsidiary of System Planning Corporation (a high-technology analytical firm) — plus serving as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. During the 2000 US Presidential election campaign, he served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of a group called The Vulcans. He is also a member of CFR, and was appointed as Under  Secretary of Defence and Comptroller of The Pentagon by GWB (2001 to 2004).]

In May 2001, SPC was under investigation [not sure by whom] concerning the first WTC bombing of 1993, and SPC also had security knowledge and structural blueprints of the WTC Complex. One of SPC’s clients was Eglin Air Force Base in Florida — to which Zakheim had sent 32 Boeing 767’s as part of a Boeing Pentagon Tanker Lease Agreement. He had access to 767’s Remote Control Flight Systems.

There was also the highly complex Project Hammer GHWB-CIA Financial Scam that began with some $240 billion in fraudulent American 10 year Treasury Bonds maturing on the 12th of September that had to be dealt with. [Rense report here]

Zakheim, as Comptroller, was tasked to track down the Pentagon’s missing $2.3 trillion worth of unaccounted transactions — that Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing on the 10th of September.

In conclusion — I wonder who Angleton and Zakheim were taking orders from? And, how many trillions were “wiped” from the books that day?


At the time of the 9/11 attack, a dozen PNAC signatories worked in leadership positions at the Pentagon, including members of the Defense Policy Board like Fred Ikle and Richard Perle.  It was known that Rumsfeld deferred to Perle on many issues in 2001, sometimes in an obsequious manner.  Coincidentally, Shelton Lankford, a leading voice in the call for truth about the Pentagon attack, worked for the neocon and Psyops pioneer Ikle, and a “who’s who” of Perle associates, at Telos Corporation from 1990 to 2002.

The dramatic change in policy that the RMA represented, and the huge increase in military spending it required, was made possible due to the 9/11 attacks, which were very much like a “new pearl Harbor.”  Therefore those who benefited from the attack on the Pentagon were people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Armitage who achieved the backing for their PNAC objectives and the proposed RMA.

In 1996, Mlakar joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), in Mississippi, where he was technical director for airfields, pavements and structures.  Two years later, in 1998, Mlakar’s unit “performed classified simulations” that measured “the damage the Pentagon would suffer from a truck bomb.”  Mlakar’s involvement in those classified simulations to test explosive effects on the external wall of the Pentagon is not well known and represents yet another amazing coincidence.

Despite being the leader of the building investigation, Mlakar was not given access to the Pentagon crash site until September 14.  Through the following week, he was allowed limited access to the site although the other members of his investigation team were not.  On October 4, the team was allowed to inspect the damage, accompanied by Gene Corley, Mlakar’s colleague from the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.  But only for four hours.  That fact suggests that whoever was driving the investigation was not really interested in evidence.
History Link -

Note: Speaking of the date 9/11, the speech by Charles Lindbergh (Yes, “Lucky Lindy”) given in Des Moines, Iowa on September 11, 1941. Lindbergh tried to keep us out of WWII.
The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was murdered on 9/11/2012 in a planned attack in Benghazi. 

The Binladin Group

Did you know that the Bin Laden family also helped build the WTC complex?
George H.W. Bush ties with the bin Laden Family
Shafiq bin Laden and former President George H. W. Bush, met in the plush surroundings of New York's Ritz-Carlton Hotel on September 10-11, 2001.
After the 1996 truck bombing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 19 U.S. servicemen, The Binladin Group built military barracks and airfields for U.S. troops.

On 11 September 2015, while doing construction work in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, one of the Group's cranes collapsed due to high winds causing 118 deaths and almost 400 injuries.. As a result, the Saudi king banned the firm from taking new projects while having its current projects reviewed. The Saudi government removed the ban on the Binladin Group in May 2016, allowing them to bid on new projects.

Note: Any entity that employs professional killers
(mercenaries) is the bad guy. The Hessian mercenaries
fighting for England against our Founding Fathers during
the Revolutionary War didn’t do so well. Anyone who
fights for money, instead of national protection or
personal principals, will cut and run if the going gets tuff.
Do NOT forget that the company tasked with the clean-up of the WTC site was CONTROLLED DEMOLITION, INC.

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  Existence of a Federal Common Law Lien 1st Publishing
Posted by: LENARDHUDSONPMA - 09-07-2019, 06:15 AM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - Replies (2)

The 2nd day of April 2019, 
Pursuant to § 7 Common law and statutes, continuance. 
Sec. 7. The common law and the statute laws now in force, not repugnant to this 
constitution, shall remain in force until they expire by their own limitations, or are 
changed, amended or repealed. 
History: Const. 1963, Art. III, §7, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964. 
Former Constitution: See Const. 1908, Schedule, §1. And THE MICHIGAN JUDICATURE ACT OF 1915 


ALL ENTITIES WHO MAY CLAIM INTEREST NOW OR AT SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE OR PAST, and ALL PERSONS KNOWN AND UNKNOWN WHO MAY BE SIMILARLY SITUATED, AND ALL OTHER CONCERNED PARTIES, You are hereby notified that a FEDERAL COMMON LAW LIEN, WRIT OF ATTACHMENT ON REAL, PERSONAL PROPERTY AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, is now in effect on Personal property and intellectual property, now of record in the name of Lenard Hudson, as the owner, and, Lenard Hudson, the LIENOR on property located in County of Wayne, State of Michigan, and commonly known as LENARD HUDSON, PMA and more specifically and legally described as:  


LENARD N HUDSON and any other variation thereof; 
DOB:  April 2nd, 1971 
BIRTH CERTIFICATE #  20384447, STATE FILE #  121 - 0048898 

COPY of this FEDERAL COMMON LAW LIEN, WRIT OF ATTACHMENT ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY, together with all intangible and tangible property, improvements and appurtenances to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining thereunto, and the reversion/s, remainder/s, rents, issues and profits thereof, and every part thereof; AND also all the estate, allodial rights, titles, interest use, possession, property right claims and demands whatsoever of the grantors, in and to the premises herein described, and every part and parcel thereof, with the appurtenances, has also been filed in Wayne County and County of Wayne, State of Michigan: 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and singular the premises herein described, together with the appurtenances, unto the grantees and the grantees’ proper use and benefit forever under the protection of the “ law of the land.” Pursuant to that certain agreement between  
Lenard Hudson, the owner of the property, and Lenard Hudson, the LIENOR, CLAIMS THE ATTACHMENT OF THE FEDERAL COMMON LAW LIEN, WRIT OF ATTACHMENT ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY, is in the amount of; FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS  and no/100 dollars ($ 50,000,000.00).

Writs of “Attachments” are but another form of Federal Common Law Lien and supersede Mortgages and Equity Liens, Drummond Carriage v. Mills, 74 NW 966; Hewitt V Williams, 47 La Ann 742, 17 So 269; Carr v. Dali 19 SE. 235; McMahon v. Lundin, 58 N.W.. 827; and may be satisfied only when paid and/or property is taken in lieu of the monetary value and fully satisfied by said taking of property. As expressed in Whiteside v Rocky Mountain Fuel Co., 101 F2d 765 at 769, it is a right extended to a person to retain that which is his possession belonging to another, until the demand or charge of the person in possession is paid or satisfied. The ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in Rich v. Braxton, 158 US 375, specifically forbids judges from invoking Equity Jurisdiction to remove Common Law Liens or similar “Clouds of Title” Furthermore, even if a preponderance of evidence displays the lien to be void or voidable, the Equity Court still may not proceed until the Moving Party ask for, and comes “ To Equity,” with “Clean Hands,” based on the “Clean Hands Doctrine” and “Power of Estoppel,” Trice v. Comstock, 57 CCA 646; West v. Washburn, App. Div. 460, NY Supp. 230. 

Whoever attempts to modify, circumvent and/or negate this Common Law Writ of Attachment, shall be prosecuted pursuant to title 42, U.S. Code, Sections 1983, 1985 and 1986 and punishable under the penalties of the Common Law at Law and applicable sections of Title 18, U.S. Code.  Any official who attempts to modify or remove this Common Law Lien, in the form of Writ of Attachment;, is fully liable for damages at law, pursuant to the mandatory rulings of the U.S. SUPREME COURT in Butz v. Economou, 438 US 495; 98 S CT 2894; Bell v. Hood, 327 US 196; Bivens v. Unknown Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 493 F 2d 718; and Belknap v. Schild, 161 US 10.  This Federal At Law Lien. in the form of a Writ of Attachment, shall be valid notwithstanding any other provision of Statute or Rule, regarding the form or content of a “Notice of Lien,” nor shall it be dischargeable for one hundred (100) years, nor extinguishable due to Lienor’s death, whether accidental or purposely; it shall be dischargeable only by Lienor, Lienor’s Heirs, Assigns, or Executors upon payment in full of said Lien in the form of “Gold or Silver” (or any other valuable consideration at the sole discretion of the Lienor.) This Lien is made to secure Rights Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4, the First; Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Demand is made upon all Public Officials under penalty of Title 42, U.S. Code, Section 1986, not to modify or remove this Lien in any manner. 

THIS COURT IS HEREBY NOTICED that pursuant to U.S. Supreme Court case Hafer v. Melo, No. 90-681, November 1991, any judicial actions that violate the constitutional guaranteed rights of individuals may be used as a cause of action in civil litigation against those performing said acts, without any form of immunity.  CIVIL RIGHTS - linmunity: State Officials sued in their individual capacities are “persons” subject to suit for damages under 42 USC 1983; Eleventh Amendment does not bar such suits in Federal Court (Hafer v. Melo, No. 90-68 1), page 4001. State and/or local officials sued in their individual capacities are “persons” subject to suits for damages under Title 18, U.S. Code. 


BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this 2nd day of April, 2019 did personally appear, Lenard Hudson, the owner of the property, and Lenard Hudson, the Lienor, who being first personally and duly sworn/affirmed, does depose and say that the information contained in this forgoing Common Law Lien, Writ of Attachment on Real and Personal Property is true and accurate. 

_____________, Owner     _________________, Lienor
Lenard Hudson                 Lenard Hudson


State of Michigan 
County of Wayne

The forgoing Notice of Federal Common Law Lien. Federal Common Law Lien. And Writ of Attachment on Real, Personal Property and intellectual property, was acknowledged before me this 2nd day of April, 2019, by,  the OWNER OF THE PROPERTY, Lenard Hudson, and by Lenard Hudson, THE LIENOR, who are personally known to me or who produced 
identification proving to be the individuals executing this document. 

__________________________ SEAL 
Commission expires on ______________________ 

(Michigan Legislature - Section 565.267)
PROPERTY Number of Pages: four (4). Date of the Document: the 2nd day of April, 2019, Signer/s on document: Lenard Hudson, Owner of the Property, and Lenard Hudson, Lienor, Classification of Document as it pertains to the intent of Lenard Hudson: Doing Foreign Business in a Foreign Venue and union. 
Respectfully submitted in the Name of Justice on this 6th day of September, 2019 

/s/ ________________________, OWNER 
     Lenard Hudson

/s/                                            ,LIENOR
     Lenard Hudson

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  Public Notice of Rescission
Posted by: Graham Lascsak - Trustee - 09-02-2019, 04:53 AM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies


1st day of September 2019

Publication # for this publication is: 8f3992f3-6166-447b-912a-a9441b5fabcf

I, Graham Bradford Lascsak, hereinafter “Trustee”, for GRAHAM BRADFORD LASCSAK, PMA, through my powers of General and Limited attorney through John Mark Adams, Trustee testify on this 
first day of September, 2019  that I am of the age of majority, have first-hand knowledge of the 
facts herein and am competent to state the facts herein as the sworn testimony in this publication as follows:

Fact 1:  Trustee of GRAHAM BRADFORD LASCSAK, PMA, hereinafter “PMA’, was appointed on the first day 
of December, 2017; and

Fact 2:  Trustee of PMA accepted appointment on the first day of December 2017; and 

Fact 3:  Trustee testifies that regarding any case or case numbers inside the STATE OF TEXAS, or any of its said counties, and Account(s)#XXX-XX-0201.  The trustee reserves the right to never grant assignment as Attorney in Fact for Trustee or PMA to any TRAFFICKERS OF PERSONS, prosecutors, judges, justices, administrators, department of justice contractors and personnel, law enforcement contractors and personnel, and their superiors, heirs, agents, assigns, or successors, hereinafter “TRAFFICKERS”; and

Fact 4:  Trustee testifies that Trustee reserves the right to never grant irrevocable and exclusive 
assignment of Attorney in Fact regarding Trustee or PMA to any other TRAFFICKERS known as public 
servants, contractors, private employees or corporate employees regarding any case in the STATE OF TEXAS, or any of it's said counties, and

Fact 5:  Trustee testifies that Trustee reserves the right to appoint Attorney in Fact for Trustee 
or PMA; and

Fact 6:  Trustee reserves the right to refuse actions of anyone including TRAFFICKERS who attempt 
to harm, injury and commit war crimes against Trustee and PMA that violate Universal Declaration of 
Human Rights or the Law of Nations; and

Fact 7:  Trustee reserves the right to refuse to engage or contract with TRAFFICKERS and any Court 
that is a private, for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet just like NESTLE’S, COCA 
COLA and hundreds more; and

Fact 8:  Trustee reserves the right to have no bonds placed on Trustee or PMA.

Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee

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  Public Notice of Bi-Lateral Social Compact
Posted by: Graham Lascsak - Trustee - 09-01-2019, 07:19 PM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

I, Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee do publish my Bi-Lateral Social Compact through the use of General and Limited Power of attorney granted to John Mark Adams, Trustee for this purpose.

See link provided and attached for this record and publication.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  General and Limited Powers of Attorney for Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee
Posted by: JohnMarkAdams - 08-30-2019, 09:27 PM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - Replies (1)

The following attachments show Public and Trustee status notice of General and Limited Powers of Attorney given to John Mark Adams, Trustee.  A follow-up document will be attached for the completion of granted P.O.A. by Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee to John Mark Adams, Trustee on Graham Bradford Lascsak behalf in the manner he has requested, and to be informed.  This General and Limited Powers of Attorney will cease as soon as Graham Bradford Lascsak request that it be done, and in writing making it in effect.  See attached. Two documents in total.  One for 8/30/2019, and another on 8/31/2019.

Attached Files
.pdf   POA for JMA for Graham.pdf (Size: 112.22 KB / Downloads: 4)
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  Chain of Title
Posted by: JohnMarkAdams - 08-29-2019, 06:32 PM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

JOHN MARK ADAMS TRUST now publishes Chain of Title on the 29th day of August 2019.  It is now established.

The attachment is for exact documentation.

John Mark Adams, Trustee

Attached Files
.pdf   CK CHAIN TITLE 2018 Change and publish for JMA.pdf (Size: 323.75 KB / Downloads: 12)
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  Declaration of Residence, Resident ID, NAC Code
Posted by: Graham Lascsak - Trustee - 08-28-2019, 07:37 PM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

I, Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee hereby give notice of my declaration of residence, residence identification, and natural area code in State of Texas of The United States of America.  The attached link will show the documentation of the proof of the existence of this notice.

The following resident identification is for Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee only.  If another person uses this beside Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee, it is considered fraud.

Resident ID#: 972470705012

The following Natural Area Code is for Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee only.

Natural Area Code or NAC Code: 6QKSLNBDPV

The date this was correctly executed was December 3rd, 2017.

The time of this correctly executed document was 3:47 pm Central Time.

My powers of attorney through John Mark Adams, Trustee in Social Bi-Lateral Compact with me has entered this in the record of Public Notice for the Trustee.

Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee


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  Notice of Court Transcripts # 2 from de facto The State of Texas
Posted by: Graham Lascsak - Trustee - 08-27-2019, 02:16 AM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

Part two continues from part one.

Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee

Attached Files
.pdf   Court Transcript from August 2019.pdf (Size: 19.37 KB / Downloads: 10)
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  Notice of Court Transcripts # 1 from de facto The State of Texas
Posted by: Graham Lascsak - Trustee - 08-27-2019, 02:08 AM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

Now comes Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee through one of my limited powers of attorney John Mark Adams, Trustee who is in social bi-lateral compact with me.

The attached court transcripts are from two counties in The State of Texas, defacto.  These counties are identified as Erath, and Eastland.  The court transcripts have been filed with all the appropriate people who are working on my behalf to help restore justice in the matters concerning my life, and those lives that certain events have effected.

If you desire to read them for your own knowledge; or help now or, in the future please be blessed and guided in Yahushua's name.

I await to be released to turn another chapter in my life.  Thank you to all who have been working on my behalf in deed, word, and prayer.

Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee

Attached Files
.pdf   Lascsak, Graham Bradford 5-23-19 Court report from Texas.pdf (Size: 13.85 KB / Downloads: 6)
.pdf   Court transcripts from June 2019.pdf (Size: 13.2 KB / Downloads: 8)
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  FRANKIE SANCHEZ, PMA Certificate of Trust
Posted by: frankie - 08-26-2019, 08:19 PM - Forum: Trustee Public Notice - No Replies

.pdf   Pages 1-4 Frankie Sanchez Certicficate of Trust Signed.pdf (Size: 995.29 KB / Downloads: 8)                                            

                                           FRANKIE  SANCHEZ, PMA 
                                                                            Certificate of Trust 

1.     The name and address of the currently acting Trustee(s) of the Trust are as follows:
Frankie  Sanchez
Receiving mail in care of:
1258 Loring Avenue #6d
Brooklyn, New York near [11208] Non-Domestic
2.     The Trust is currently in full force and effect.
3.     Attached to this Certificate of Trust are the selected provisions of the Trust evidencing the following:
a.     First page of the Trust:  Appointment of Trustees;
b.     Last pages of the Trust:  Signature pages;  and
c.     Letter of Introduction for Trustee to banking officers.
4.     The Trust provisions not attached to this Certificate of Trust are of a private, non-negotiable nature, and set forth the distribution of the trust res.  They do not modify the general financial powers of the Trustees.
5.     The Signatories of this Certificates of Trust are the current acting Trustees of the Trust and declare that foregoing statements and the attached Trust provisions are true, correct, and complete, under penalty of perjury under Divine law, Sovereign Law and the Laws of the united states of America as codified in the organic constitution of 1787.
6.     This Certificate of Trust is Dated this 1st day of November, 2018

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