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Treason Evidence my cases and Dedication to my friend Winfred P Adams USAF major ret
My friend the late Winfred P.Adams USAF major retired ,I met him 1996 after I witnessed treason in the San Juan County  eleventh Judicial District court  ( judge Harrison )in Aztec ,New Mexico . I would meet this man in restaurants  so we could talk ,Paul told me that his life dedication was to tear down the fake false 11th Judicial District courts . He would bring to documents Habeas Corpus's to my job so I could go mail them to the Supreme court for him (they tried to kill him multipul times when he tried to go to the USPS. He was very tall and slender very conscious of what was going on around him ,Paul's greeting to me was always ,looking over my head scanning the area ,never moving his lips he would say "did you make sure you weren't followed  " ?The man spoke how he wrote . Although most of what came out of my mouth was "what does that mean "?) our conversations were intense ,I was his witness to treachery in the courts  . Paul was my friend Randy Lee Sill's Dad's(  Harley Sills  late retired Army  ) friend , together with Kenneth Gomez they tried to get the corrupt judges off the bench  . Paul lost his son as Harley lost his son by  the hands of the true enemy within the Private courts and detention centers and on our streets  . Paul did not know about the little t he was not a freemason in fact he wrote how the top cop positions were saved for freemasons and Mormons . This is some of the evidence that is in my cases with the PAGs . Last October right after Paul made contact with Tom Goudy he passed away before he ever was able to make the call back . Paul dedicated his life he knew something was wrong with those evil ones in Black Robes . Forever you are admired and in my heart honored to have your blessing to use your documents honored to know such a man ,Paul I thought you were Kieth . It was you that sent me here Thank you my friend with Love ,JESSENE ROE BEECROFT ,Trustee

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