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.pdf   RESERVE TO RIGHTS.pdf (Size: 179.04 KB / Downloads: 36)

I, Yolonda Denise Thompson, hereby reserve the right to neither acknowledge or accept the particular emoluments and/or privileges as described in H.R. 5.
I no longer volunteer to use your drivers’ license when I am steering my conveyance on the roads and highways. 
I reserve the right to drive this vehicle without a license. 
I reserve the right to not be identified as a US citizen. 
I reserve the right to identify the biological male or female as I see them. 
I reserve my right to stand in a court that is not a corporation or any court that is not of my own choosing. 
I reserve my right to have no bonds issues against any name associated with my birth name or matrimonial name. 
I reserve the right for my name to not to be bought, sold, traded or show up on any form or record that belongs to a private membership association. 
I reserve the right to open a bank account without an SSN.

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