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Intl Affidavit Termination of POA Cancel/Withdraw Signature/Sherry G. Fanelli, PMA

.pdf   SF revoke POA.pdf (Size: 186.06 KB / Downloads: 10)  

I, Sherry G. Fanelli, herein after the “Affiant”, having attained the age of majority, competent to testify, a self-realized being state that the truths and facts herein are of firsthand personal knowledge, and true, correct, complete, certain, and not misleading, so help me Creator/God Most High.
Introductory Certification
The Affiant having full first-hand knowledge of the facts stated herein, and making this Affidavit of Her own free Will, does affirm that the facts stated herein are true, correct, certain, and complete to the best of Her knowledge. Affiant further states:

Plain Statement of Facts

1.        THAT, Affiant affixed Her signature to document(s) and or contracts with COMMONWEALTH OF NEW YORK/Commonwealth of New York, Dutchess County Department of Motor Vehicles and Dutchess County District Court without knowledge that a fraud was being perpetrated upon Her.
3.       THAT, Affiant was misled and coerced into signing document(s), without knowledge of the fraud that was being perpetrated upon Her.
4.        THAT, Affiant, aware of the fact that fraud vitiates all contracts, agreements and documents, believes the contract(s) with COMMONWEALTH OF NEW YORK/Commonwealth of New York, Dutchess County District Court, and Dutchess County Department of Motor Vehicles are void and nonexistent.
5.        THAT, Affiant revokes all signatures for good cause, and without recourse to me pursuant to the Bilateral Social Compact Agreement by and between the people for The United States of America.
6.        THAT, Affiant has, by this Affidavit, formally and timely withdraw, cancel/terminate the power of attorney fraudulently administered without my knowledge or consent and aforementioned signature(s) for all time and thereby removes any nexus, actual or presumed, that the foreign corporation COMMONWEALTH OF NEW YORK/Commonwealth of New York, its’ foreign administrative courts including but not limited to Dutchess District Court and affiliate sub-corporations including but not limited to the New York Probation Services, Dutchess County Correctional Facility, New York State Police, Poughkeepsie Police Department, Dutchess County Department of Motor Vehicles, New York Department of Revenue, New York Executive Office of Health and Human Services, any and all derivative(s) thereof, may believe it has with Affiant by virtue of said signature(s) and or contract(s).
Any man or woman having first-hand knowledge of all the facts asserted herein and having absolute power and authority to rebut this affidavit must rebut with the rebutting party’s own signature and endorsement notarized, under the penalty of perjury and willing to testify, and executed as true, correct, and complete with positive proof attached. Absent positive proof any rebuttal shall be deemed null and void having no force or effect, thereby waiving any of the foreign corporation(s) the COMMONWEALTH OF NEW YORK/Commonwealth of New York and its’ foreign affiliate sub-corporations listed above immunities or defenses.
Any rebuttal shall be mailed to the undersigned and the Notary address within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of this affidavit. When a rebuttal is not received by both the Affiant and the Notary within 10 days this entire Affidavit and default provisions shall be deemed true and correct.
This Affidavit of Termination of Power of Attorney and Withdraw/Cancel Signature for Good Cause is autographed and dated the 5th day of the month of August in the Year of Two Thousand Nineteen [August 5, AD 2019].
By:  Sherry G. Fanelli, Trustee

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