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Letter to American National Union Great Counsil
American National Union Great Council

Mr. Chairman 
Great Council 
With in the metes and bounds
and seaward boundaries
of The United States of America 

Dear Mr. Chairman,
Jason Wesley Hall
As a Member of the American National Union and an  American National
I Jessene Roe Beecroft, Trustee of JESSENE ROE BEECROFT,PMA , JESSENE’S TRUST  and JESSENE’s am writing to you as a victim of the  San Juan County Sheriffs located at 103 S.Oliver Drive ,Aztec, NewMexico,87410.
Hereby  requesting the Great Council to appoint JOHN MARK ADAMS, PMA as  Representative for , JESSENE ROE BEECROFT,PMA, JESSENE’S TRUST  and JESSENE’s in the matter at hand.
.pdf   American National Union Great Council.pdf (Size: 166.35 KB / Downloads: 31)

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