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.pdf   SF PROPERTY RIGHTS.pdf (Size: 202.01 KB / Downloads: 31)
COMES NOW, Sherry G. Fanelli, Trustee of the SHERRY G. FANELLI, PMA hereinafter Claimant, duly affirmed and documented American National, has reached the age of majority, and competent to address the principles of intangible and tangible rights to private property, do say the following:
Claimant is said owner of the domiciled land mapped and surveyed on the NAC as 8T6XS PXD4H. Aforementioned land and house structure in the aforementioned NAC is private property of Claimant. Claimant has tangible rights to the aforementioned property as Claimant is in peaceful possession and in care of to maintain and sustain a living environment. Claimant needs shelter to survive and aforementioned private property is Claimants home where Claimant lives. Claimant has intangible rights to the aforementioned property as Claimant has unknowingly assumpsit into involuntary servitude to pay a note that started at The Bank of New York, and sold several times to the current facilitator JPMORGAN CHASE, INC. with the Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee for all banks and hereinafter Banks. Banks are committing usury in the form of endless debt against Claimant. Claimant has been deceived by Banks in a non-full disclosure agreement where Claimant was unknowingly and unaware of the socialist structure. Banks are operating under the Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy, Banks never produced anything of value to Claimant, Banks currency is fiat. Therefore Banks have satisfied the debt with the previous owner by fiat and Bank then went to the U.S. Treasury and took payment for Bank 3 days after Claimant was deceived in signing the mortgage hereinafter instrument, and Claimant assumpsit many thousands of hours of man labor and energy to lawfully gain ownership of aforementioned private property vis-a-vis global person SHERRY G. FANELLI used as a transmitting utility and Claimant made payments more than forty-five thousand dollars to pay the note to Banks. Claimant has spent thousands of dollars remodeling the house as well as maintenance on the aforementioned property. Claimant invested thousands of hours in Claimant’s energy into remodeling and maintenance on the aforementioned property.
The aforementioned property is within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America. Claimant resides with in the original Union of State, The Great State of New York.
Claimant disavows from any form of communism, socialism, oligarchy, monarch, and luciferianism and all the kingdoms and glory therein. Claimant has taken an oath to The United States of America and has vowed to defend a republic form of government. Claimant has duel Nationality as Claimant is a National of the Reign of the Heavens and is also an American National. Claimant recognizes slavery is unlawful and usury is a plaque against human rights and a serious human rights violation as reference in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Claimant hereby chooses to be non-assumpsit and disassociate with Banks. The aforementioned instrument was not fully disclosed is as such as the instrument is null and void. Claimant has a higher claim to aforementioned property. Claimant holds the intangible and tangible rights to aforementioned property. Bank has been paid twice by accessing the U.S. Treasury for the full promissory note and Banks has received payments from Claimant that estimated more than forty thousand. Bank was and is responsible to discharge all debts associated with aforementioned instrument via House Joint Resolution 192, of June 5th, 1933, Public Law 73-10, UCC3-419. Banks has neglected Banks fiduciary duties in discharging the debt, balancing the account to zero which has cause Claimant to be subjected to slavery which is a human rights violation and reference in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
The Maxims:He who creates the liability, must provide the relief. “
If anyone believes they have a higher claim to the aforementioned property, you must send your claim with a valid rebuttal to this claim with proof, send your claim to the following NAC address:
The United States of America
If no claim is brought forward for aforementioned property, the aforementioned property is the lawful confirmed property of Sherry G. Fanelli, Trustee, where then and after will transition into the SHERRY G. FANELLI, PMA

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