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International Public Notice
Declaration of SUI JURIS

Entity Trust: SEAN WILL GARY BELLER PMA # 691766454488, Resident id # 374437763134, Birth certificate number or volume and page 006060 WC00185990, living at temporary Address NAC; 7ZC49NKRNQ ; is hereby declared to be a SUI JURIS independent legal and human person, having all the rights of Freemen and a Human; 
Entitled by; Law of Nation's, Laws of Nature, Nature's God and Universal Declaration of Human Rights ; 
Not ever under the power and or authority of any other(s); as a slave, citizen, resident, corporation, political band, union, status, etc., and or the like; by and or through; signature, oath, birth, etc. 
I Hereby declare the causes which impel me to the separation. my kingdom is not bound by man and or men and or man(s) doctrine! This is my establishment of religion!
I Sean Beller by my affixed signature, do hereby declare and certify this publication now served to all vested parties, unless written good faith legal objection sent to electronic mail address within ninety days of this notice, it is valid!

[Image: 37601742_2262630727097146_76580274744705...e=5BDB38E5]

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